USAPS Unacknowledged Special Access Projects & the Suppression of Alternative Energy Solutions

USAPS Unacknowledged Special Access Projects & the Suppression of Alternative Energy Solutions

By Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P.I.

Doctor Steven Greer is at the forefront of the efforts to disclose alternative energy solutions suppressed by the government’s illegal USAPS – Unacknowledged Special Access Projects.  Projects so secret, even Presidents of the United States and World leaders are denied access as insiders cite National Security need-to-know basis as the reasoning.

The Shadow Government conspiracy to covet these life-saving and world changing advancements are countered by Greer’s Sirius Disclosure Project and his Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI).  Greer’s CSETI Project should not be mistaken for the SETI, which is the ‘Search’ for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  Dr. Steven Greer explains the “search” for Extra-Terrestrial intelligence is over; THEY are already here.

Dr. Greer has made a very interesting point – we have already had our worldwide disclosure as a vast majority of the planet currently believes that UFO’s exist and that our governments are keeping the information secret.

The good doctor feels a ‘UFO-panic-factor’ of government disclosure is not what is keeping this free-energy technology from the masses.  The true sinister purposes for the information-blackout, even to lawmakers. are the questions that interstellar travel raises about the E.T. propulsion systems and anti-gravity technologies effortlessly streaming unlimited and safe energy from the quantum vacuum which makes up the fabric of all space.  These technologies promise immediate solutions to famine, poverty and war while ending the petro-dollar backed stranglehold on Our world economy.

We highly recommend checking out Dr. Greer’s Sirius-Disclosure Project and his movies, Sirius and Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World’s Greatest Secret.

We thank ‘Sirius Disclosure’ at Youtube and share the link to their video under ‘Fair Use’ for educational purposes.  Enjoy.


Can it be true? World’s Oldest Pyramids Found in Alaska Shocks Scientific Community

Matthew on the job 2014  by Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P.I. – AAAprivateEYE

Can it be true?  Or are the pyramids people are seeing just mountain tops?  Scientists have reportedly discovered large pyramid structures in Alaska.  Is there more to be discovered?  Is Google Maps hiding things in Alaska the government does not want the general public to see?

The link to the video source provided by is listed below:

The questions increase with each new discovery.  What could prompt the government to cover up discovered pyramids in North America?  What next discoveries will shatter our understanding of World History?

Stay tuned for more to come….

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