Were these Scientists Assassinated after Discovering Cancer Agents in Vaccines?

By Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P.I. – AAAprivateEYE

The scientists pictured have all been murdered according to online media.  Their commonality is they all were working together to expose the true contents of vaccines as claimed by the internet news.  The Nagalase enzyme protein they found inside the vaccines is created by all cancer cells.  How and why it was added to the vaccine administered to children, if any, remains a mystery.

According to an article by OrganicandHealthy.org the Nagalase enzyme prevents the human body from producing vitamin D which is the body’s best defense to naturally kill off cancer cells.  The Nagalase enzyme is also believed to cause Type II diabetes and is found in great quantities in autistic children.

Were these doctors murdered because they found the cause for autism, Type II diabetes and cancer spikes in our population to be caused by vaccination programs approved by the CDC which are utilizing the Nagalase enzyme?

The other question, what benefits does the Nagalase enzyme have for humans to prompt pharmaceutical companies using this in your children’s vaccines?    I cannot find any.

This article is not an ‘anti-vaccine’ article but to promote the safety of the products we give to children.  Many instantly accuse those who ask for information or studies on vaccines to be against vaccination.   Many celebrities including Robert De Niro have been attacked in the media for suggesting more studies need to be conducted as reported by HealthImpactNew.com .


During the attached video clip Dr. Ted Broer, states he is, “NOT suicidal” assumingly to dissuade any murder-by-suicide hitmen from coming after him.  This nervous statement comes from a person trying to help the world discover the truth.  As for the fate of the scientists pictured here…. The list of dead scientists grows by the day.

As for the fate of the pictured scientists…. Death is always wasteful.  But if we educate ourselves with the information they provided, then perhaps their fight continues as does ours.  The story, according to OrganicandHealthy.org, is they were murdered after coming together to expose the lie of the vaccination program.

Another question arises: Why isn’t Main Stream Media reporting on eight doctors, working together who were murdered?  Some feel there is no conspiracy at all and all the deaths were natural, unexplained, or unnatural but not linked to holistic studies or vaccination studies.  The ScientificParent.org explores the deaths of five of these doctors and sees no link to vaccines or the Nagalase enzyme protein as quoted from their August 3, 2015 blog (quote box below).

” There Is No Holistic Murder Conspiracy Afoot. Seriously. …’

  • Five holistic providers have died mysteriously over a month and a half;
  • They are:
    • Jeff Bradstreet, MD, was a controversial provider who was under investigation by the FDA for treating children with autism with a dangerous and unapproved chemotherapy drug. His body was found in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, NC with an alleged self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Dr. Bradstreet was found dead shortly after authorities executed a search warrant on his offices in relation to his use of the unapproved drug on children.
    • Bruce Hedendal was a chiropractor with a small practice in Florida. He was found dead, at the age of 67 in his car, and police say that no foul play is suspected.
    • Baron Holt was a chiropractor with a local practice in North Carolina. His practice was low-key and though he was young at age 33, no cause of death has been released.
    • Teresa Sievers, MD provided medical care to the transgender community but used a holistic approach. She was brutally murdered in her home and authorities say her death was not random. While there have been no arrests in the case, they allege that she knew her murderer.
    • Lisa Riley, MD was an emergency room physician in Georgia with no ties to the holistic medical community. Like Dr. Teresa Sievers, police say someone known to Dr. Riley brutally murdered her, allegedly her husband. Her husband, a former boxer, was previously charged with attempted murder of his former girlfriend by shooting her in the head.


In the following video posted by ‘Ginger Taylor’ at youtube, the 2008 CNN report seems to indicate the Center for Disease Control (the CDC) was and still is aware of the triggers for autism within vaccines for those who are “pre-disposed” to mitochondrial disorders.

It is important to note, Dr. Julie Gerberding left the CDC to accept a very high-paying, seven-figure salaried position at Merck, one of the World’s largest pharmaceutical companies and the number one producer of vaccines.  ‘Cha-CHING’ goes the cash register.

We have been unable to determine the exact amount of compensation Dr. Gerberding received from Merk & Company but if you wish to contact them and see if the good doctor is still in-house to answer your questions, their contact information is provided here:  http://www.merck.com/contact/

The CDC to this date has refused to conduct, or at least publish the findings of a study of vaccinated versus un-vaccinated children even though they were tasked with such an endeavor in 1982 by the FDA as indicated by the video link above.  Without the results of this study being published, how can the Center for Disease Control be certain about your child’s safety?  It is understood, the Amish do NOT get vaccinated and the Amish do NOT become inflicted with autism.  Perhaps the CDC should conduct the study they were tasked with over 35 years ago by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration ?

Capitalism dictates a loyalty to profits over all else, apparently even the safety of consumers in many instances.  Without any accountability for the corporate elite and zero justice for the wronged, the obligation to keep share prices up at any price outweighs, for many, the safety factor for the consumers.  But if these Scientists were murdered for the information they were about to expose, this seems not about negligent production of vaccines which could be unsafe, but instead about the purposeful poisoning of our population to keep the cash registers ringing at the healthcare providers.  A healthy populous does little for the share prices of pharmaceutical stocks.

Some feel the vaccines are part of a population control agenda by an elite, corporate controlled government.  Some disagree.  But one thing is for certain, the Nagalase enzyme would need to be placed in the vaccine as it will not occur naturally as a bi-product of the other components of the vaccine.

As the CDC assures vaccines are safe for your children, United States Representative Bill Posey from Florida’s 8th District was recently quoted on his thoughts on vaccines and the whistle-blowers within the CDC.

” It’s troubling to me that in a recent Senate hearing on childhood vaccinations, it was never mentioned that our government has paid out $3 billion dollars through a vaccine injury compensation program for children who have been injured by vaccinations… “

Another interesting point found by this Freelance Investigative journalist is the picture of the doctor on the far right, Dr. Bruce Hedendal is found to have an article on him claiming a tax evasion prison sentence.  The link to the article is here courtesy of  Chirobase.org .

What are your thoughts?

We thank ScientificParent.org, Chirobas.org, HealthImpactNews.com, OrhanicandHealthy.org, ‘Today’ and ‘Mr Purple Tie’ and ‘Ginger Taylor’ at youtube for their sharing of information.  The information contained in this article is published under the ‘Fair Use’ doctrine and is for educational and informational purposes.

This article (Were these Scientists Assassinated after Discovering Cancer Agents in Vaccines?) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with full attribution and a link to the original source on PARANORMALforensics.org.  


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