Two Suns Shine Over Chicago As Nibiru Approaches

Matthew on the job 2014 By Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P. I. – AAAprivateEYE

A strange haziness filled the cloudless sky on January 27, 2014 while I was traveling during the morning in my Jeep across the frigid snow-covered roads in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.   As I turned southbound onto a roadway that ran due north and south, I immediately saw something very peculiar.  Though the sun filled the sky with an odd glow, it was not what instantly caught my attention.  There was something else even more unusual in the sky in front of me.

2014-01-27 08.23.11 Matthew P. Kulesza

I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a photo of what appeared to be a very bright light, as bright as a star or a smaller sun, right before me.  The bright light I write of is pictured in the middle of the photo.  The sun’s glare was blinding, even with the unusual haze surrounding the dim sky, and prevented me from identifying with the naked eye something that was even more stunning than the anomalous light shining down from the Heavens, directly to the right of our sun.

Though the events were odd and the sight extremely unusual, life intervened.  I snapped another photo a few seconds later that focused on the inside of my windshield and then put my phone away without looking at the photo as I was late.  I continued to drive to my destination unaware of all that I had documented.  Still excited about what I had noted, I shared my story with friends and family on the phone as the day progressed.    As one might guess, stories of seemingly unbelievable events, like a second light-source in our sky, is tough for many to accept.  My story was dismissed, scoffed at and laughed at before I could return home and share the photo.  Life got busier and I never looked at the photo, until three days ago when I was preparing for the launch of our new blog at

As I gathered data, documents, photos and video of the paranormal to highlight on our blog, I came across the photo I took the morning of January 27, 2014 at 8:23:11 a.m.  After seeing what it was and recalling from a couple of years earlier the scoffs I’d heard, I began to examine it closely as I hadn’t yet the opportunity. The glare on the day had blinded me from seeing things with my naked eyes that the camera’s lens was able to pick up.

The strange, unusual and unexplained light source at the center of my photo appeared more defined than my eyes could see on that earlier January 2014 day.  The light at the center of the photograph appears to be a focal point of a corona from our sun.  But why was there an eerie haze over the cloudless day in the photo?   What caused that part of the corona, directly to the right of our sun, to glow so intensely?

My attention on the photo moved to the sun, our real sun, pictured on the left side of the referenced photo.  Our round sun appeared almost oval.  And now, if my eyes  didn’t deceive me, the sun appeared to be titled to the right.  How could this be?  Our sun is round.  The laws of physics must be obeyed so why was I seeing a tilted, oval glaring sun where I had always seen, before that day, a round glaring sun?

I then recalled an event from September 8, 2012.  During this night out with friends in the town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin we saw many strange happenings; bar fights that spilled into the streets, drunken brawlers taking swings at police officers, strangers befriending us then becoming belligerent, plenty of out-of-the-ordinary things and not all of them involving alcohol.  These acts of aggression we were witnessing were unusual Lake Geneva.  For the most part, the town is friendly, fun and a relaxing resort town for the people in the Midwestern United States.  Later that night, during conversation around our campfire at Big Foot Beach State Park  we contemplated the events we witnessed and sat under the stars blaming the moon for strange occurrences.

That’s when the moon took all our notice.  I’m sure many know police reports typically document spikes in crimes, violence, injuries and reported incidents during full moons.  Perhaps the moon was to blame?  Though we had a bright moon over Lake Geneva, our moon that night in 2012 was not full.    As we turned our gazes upward at the culprit we all noticed the moon was in the shape of a teardrop with no cloud cover.  How could this be?  Completely exposed and free of any cloud cover, whether it be full, gibbous or crescent, our moon is, or was before that night in 2012, always symmetrical in shape.  But now the moon was narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.  Obviously the moon hadn’t changed shape.  But we were all witnessing the same teardrop-shaped moon.  Even the talented bartenders in Lake Geneva couldn’t induce a common hallucination between five people.  So what were we observing on that night in Lake Geneva?

My friend Mark pulled out his new tablet equipped with a star map application.  It was really interesting technology he shared with us that night in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Mark held the tablet up to the moon and the screen displays what you are looking at with labels and other various data.  As my friend raised his tablet and pointed it at the moon the tablet showed, our moon, and peeking out from behind it was a big blue picture of the planet Uranus.  I do not presume to be a physicist but my guess would be that the alignment of Earth, our Moon and Uranus had caused some kind of gravitational distortion or bending of the light.  Maybe?  But there it was, a teardrop-shaped moon before our very eyes.  The event was unbelievable if we hadn’t seen it ourselves that night in 2012 over the shores of Lake Geneva.

With the memory of our 2012 visit to Wisconsin and the teardrop-shaped moon we saw that night, I thought perhaps the sun, pictured in my January 27, 2014 photo, is misshaped in the same way.  Then something in the photo caught my attention.  There was something next to our sun, something I couldn’t see with my squinting eyes staring into our sun on that cold and cloudless January morning in 2014 from the driver’s seat of my SUV.  In my photo, I saw a round, globe-shaped object immediately next to the sun, just a bit above it and to the right.  What was once hidden in glare from my naked eyes could now be seen in the photo I snapped on that day in 2014.  Though our sun’s glare whitewashes out the exact surface shape of the sun in the photo, one can see in the shape of the glare appears to be oval and slightly tilted to the right.  Our sun remained oval-shaped as I stared at it on the morning the I took the photo.  It was not a corona smear on the lens making our sun appear to be oval for a fleeting moment; it was static in its general appearance.  This was strange.  Could this be a similar phenomenon to what my friends and I had witnessed at Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2012 causing the appearance of our moon to be oddly teardrop-shaped?

Nibiru Sun labeled pic

For the first time, I examined my rediscovered photograph of the two bright suns I saw over the Chicago suburbs on the 7th of January 2014.  In the photo, to the right of our sun, in between the sun and the focal point of glare toward the center of the photo is a flattened disc-shaped object.  I remember the morning was without a cloud in the sky.  So is this disc shaped object a single small cloud that I did not recall?  No other clouds are visible in the photo.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  Perhaps it is a cloud, just one cloud on an otherwise cloudless day with a strange planetary-sized object adjacent to our sun and a bright shining corona I had never seen before in my life with a glowing focal point.  But I find this latter cloud theory difficult to fathom.

The focal point toward the center of the photo appears on the edge of a corona, a corona which is seemingly emitting from our sun, that I could not visually define with my eyes in the glare on the day I took the photograph of the event.  I thought I was only taking a photo of a large sun and a smaller one directly to its right.  I was wrong.  I have professionally worked with cameras, film and video for decades.  I have documented many unusual lighting effects.  I have seen coronas around glowing objects but not like this; not with a specific point glowing brighter during the daytime than I had ever seen a star shine at night.  The oddities increased the more I examined the photo with a growing intensity.

Lens glares can occur when filming in sunlight or with bright light sources.  Did I catch a lens glare in the lower right-hand corner of the photograph or is round, small planetary object in the sky just above the horizon something else than a glare spot on the lens?  The odd part I noticed about the small globe in the bottom right corner of my photo is it lines up with the glowing focal point of the corona I could now see in the photo and the planetary-sized globe just off the top, right of our oval-shaped sun.  I have worked with cameras and lenses every day for many, many years.  When photographing toward the sun, one can sometimes catch a lens glare in the view finder that appears to move in congruence with the movements of the lens, even as the camera moves slightly in the steadiest of hands.  However, I did notice that the movement of my camera did not make the bright, shining focal point in the center of the photo dance in the image finder the way a lens glare always will in a freehand camera off a tripod or its base.

I do not believe the bright focal point at the center of the photo on the corona is a lens flare.  It was static as my camera moved about slightly in my hand and did not dance about in the view-finder of the camera the way a lens glare most definitely would.  The fact the globe at the bottom right lines up perfectly with the bright, shining focal point at the center of the camera and the planetary-shaped object just off the top right side of our sun in the photo leads me to believe that circular object is not a lens glare either.  Furthermore, the blurry photo taken six seconds later a short bit further down the same roadway does show blurry images of all the same, even the small, unidentified planet-shaped object toward the lower right quadrant of the photograph.  The word ‘coincidence’ is often a dismissive term that lends ignorance a path to denial.

At the time I took this photograph I had little knowledge and information on what many call Nibiru, the possible sister star to our sun or possibly even the same object NASA calls the recently discovered Planet X.  I had heard of it, but it was more of a fun theory to me than real science.  Since before my rediscovery of this photo I took at 8:23:11 a.m. on January 27, 2014, I learned a great deal about the Nibiru Theory.  Some suggest Nibiru is a failed brown-dwarf star that sisters to our sun in an elliptical orbit making its way past or even through our solar system every 3600 years or so.  Others say Nibiru is the satellite of a failed brown-dwarf.   Of course these are all theories that have yet to be proven.  But to remain true to the honesty of science I have tried to debunk the anomalies in my photo. I have admittedly had no success.

Sun position 2016-01-27 082400

(screen shot from URL:

I am not a professional astronomer.  But as the actor Claude Raines said in the classic Hollywood Film, The Wolf Man (Universal Studios 1941), “All astronomers are amateurs. When it comes to the Heavens, there is only one professional,” as he then lifts his gaze upward.

Moon position 2016-01-27 082400

(screen shot from URL:

That being said, I checked the positions of the sun and moon on January 27, 2014.  According to, at 8:24 a.m. on January 27, 2014, just 49 seconds after I snapped the photo, the moon was logged at an altitude of 28 degrees above the horizon with a heading of 174 degrees south. The same source indicates at the exact same time the sun was at an altitude of 11 degrees above the horizon with a heading southeast at 128 degrees.  Again I am only an amteur astronomer, but this seems to place the moon above and slightly to the west of the sun.  But the altitude differential seems to indicate the moon was not next to the sun at all; the moon would be way out of the picture.  The planetary-shaped globe just above the sun and to the right in the photo seems to be too close to be the moon that is documented 17 degrees higher off the horizon than the sun – again putting it way out of the picture frame.

Duel Niburu labeled - 2016-01-27 08.23.11

According to, our moon on the 27th of January 2014 was a waning crescent with only 16% of the surface illuminated with a New Moon arriving on January 30th of 2014.  The picture shows a near perfect globe-shaped object just above the oval-shaped sun to the top right.  The article at further states the moon and sun were not aligned but at all but positioned at a large angle from one another.  This seems to indicate the object closely adjacent to the sun in the photo is anything other than our moon. 

If this is not the moon just above the sun in the picture, could this be Nibiru, home to the Annunaki from ancient Sumeria?  Is there something cloaked in the bright spot within the corona?  Are the governments of Earth aware of more than they are telling us?  Questions are necessary for progress.  But the answers always seem to create even tougher questions.  One thing is for certain, Humanity will never stop questioning the Strange, Unusual and Unexplained.

This article (Two Suns Shine Over Chicago As Nibiru Approaches) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with full attribution and a link to the original source on  READ MORE:


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