A Scientific Journal Investigating the Strange, Unusual & Unexplained – PARANORMALforensics.org Launches Its New Blog

Matthew on the job 2014  by Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P.I. – AAAprivateEYE

Those close to me call me Matt.  At my day job I am known as Detective Matthew P. Kulesza, P.I. founder of the investigative agency Stonehenge Ventures, LLC found on the web at StonehengeInvestigations.com -or- AAAprivateEYE.com.  We have launched our blog, PARANORMALforensics.org and invite you to join on us a journey of discovery as we venture into the unknown, examining the paranormal with an eye for science.

Discovery of truths and solving of mysteries are passions we share with many.  Our lost history awaits to be uncovered. Questions of the Afterlife haunt many of us.  An infinitely vast universe closes in around us bombarding us with new questions each passing day.  Though I share the faith of many, I too like several of us, strive for the scientific evidence to support claims others prove only to themselves utilizing dogmatic conjecture to fill the gaping holes in the myriad of unanswered questions.

As enthusiasts of the paranormal, our interests can align sharing the information that brings Humanity to a greater Enlightenment.  Dig for the answers which elude us and remain buried in time.  Reach up into new realms searching for the answers.  We invite you  to follow our blog and share with us your thoughts, answers, questions and discoveries of the Strange, Unusual and Unexplained.

PARANORMALforensics.org will ask the hard questions and host original content as well as sharing information from around the World.  Thanks for stopping by.  We’ll see you again soon.

Stay Tuned for More….

“You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice,
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill.
I will choose a path that’s clear.
I will choose Freewill.”  – Neil Peart

Artwork and Press Release by Matthew P. Kulesza




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